Wherever I go, let me go there with gladness.
Cast off the gloom and banish all sadness.
Brighten my path and lighten my feet,
Bring joy to my soul and to those I may meet.

written by Cara

(via thelivingspellbook)


As you set the jar of salt in the moonlight, say:

"Sister moon, shining bright, 
As you guide the tides this night,
Purify this salt for me, 
With the magic of the sea.”

via Sea Magic: Connecting with the Ocean’s Energy

(via honeycoyote)

Anonymous: I like your powder recipes, but a lot of these ingredients seem like they might be hard to find. 


I do realize this when I make my postings. The powders are from my own personal collection of recipes and I have a pretty good store of various herbs to choose from, plus local shops and locations for wild harvest.

For my followers who don’t have access to these things, here are some websites where you can find herbs and powders: